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How much can I afford?

Before you start your property search you should have a clear picture of what you can afford and if you already have a mortgage, you should understand the pitfalls of changing mid-term. It is not unusual for a buyer to go as far as viewing property to then find that they are “locked in” to an existing mortgage and to change would be poor advice. Understanding how much you can afford and all of the associated costs will ultimately influence what properties you look at.

As you would expect Webbers have chosen partners across the region who have access to the whole of the market, as well as exclusive products, they will be pleased to offer reliable and open advice to find the best solution for you.

  " Whoever you decide to look after your finances, please be sure to explore the whole market, not just one source! "


Register your interest with Webbers

Once you know what you can afford and you have an idea of what you are looking for you can begin your search. You can register HERE to receive our e-mail alert, or call our “customer care team” on 01271 347851 (open til 8pm) they will take all your details and ensure that you are registered with the right Webbers office. If you live in the area please do call in to our office, they will be pleased to welcome you and take all of your details.

  " Have an open mind, many buyers end up buying a property totally different to their initial thoughts! "


What does your new home look like?

Finding the right property is not always easy, in a busy market there may be several people looking at buying the same property at one time, so once you have decided on the main features that you MUST have, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. A good estate agent will not only give you details of properties matching your requirements, but they will also give you the odd “wild card” something that at first sight may seem wrong BUT if it is close to the school that you are sending your children to it may be just the ticket! We will call you on a regular basis to keep you advised & help you find the right home.

  " Make a list of 10 things that are important to you and then highlight the 4/5 that you MUST have, you will struggle to get all 10!     "


How to approach viewings

Before you book a viewing if it is possible we suggest that you drive to look at the outside of the house and look at the general area, perhaps even go back at different times of the day. Allow yourself plenty of time – this is a very important decision, you need to be sure that you have taken everything in. Check to see if you are meeting an agent or if the home owner is showing you over and have a list of key questions already prepared. Our phone-lines are open until 8pm, 5 days a week so we give you plenty of time to book your viewing.

  "  If the house is not quite right, be sure to tell your agent why, this will help them find a house that will suit "


Making an offer

If you have found a house that is suitable – and you are certain, don’t “dilly-dally”, make your offer.  The estate agent is legally bound to put forward ANY offer that is made to the home-owner and it is they who will decide what offer is acceptable. Your ability to proceed quickly, together with a fully funded offer, will place you in a good position (showing proof will assist)  – but the only way to be sure of securing the property is to offer the asking price. Your offer will be put forward to the home owner verbally and in writing as soon as possible, together with any conditions of the offer.

  " Do your homework – look at sold prices in the area and make comparisons with houses that you may have already seen. "


Instructing a solicitor

Once you have found a suitable home you can now instruct your chosen solicitor. Your agent will be able to recommend a solicitor who is both efficient and thorough, also it does help if they know the area well, they can advise soonest of any potential issues.

Click here to contact our Conveyancing team or call 01271-347851, or e-mail for a quote or more details)

  " The cheapest solicitor is not always the best – select a solicitor that you can work with and will give you regular up-dates! "


The sale is agreed

Once your agent has agreed the sale you should expect the following:

  • A memorandum of sale will be sent to all parties confirming the sale price & any other relevant information appertaining to the sale i.e. fixtures/fittings.
  • You will be required to confirm your mortgage details (if appropriate)
  • Webbers will require you to sign a document confirming your ability to proceed.
  • You will need to make contact with both your solicitor & mortgage broker (if appropriate) to give them instructions to proceed.


The conveyancing process

During the conveyancing process you should expect the following:

  • • On receipt of the draft contract from the sellers solicitor, your solicitor will raise enquiries.
  • • They will request local searches
  • • Agree any fixtures/fittings
  • • Discuss and agree on a date for both exchange and completion.

At Webbers we take pride in sales progression – we will therefore liaise with all parties throughout the transaction keeping everyone informed.

  " Don’t be afraid to call your solicitor, they will sometimes respond more quickly to you as their client, than an estate agent. "


Mortgage offer/Survey

Assuming there is a mortgage, the lending source will instruct a surveyor to carry out a survey which will identify any structural issues and the value.

A formal mortgage offer will be sent to you and your solicitor once the valuation report is received. You will then need to sign the offer before it is returned.

There are no legal obligations until contracts are exchanged

  " At this stage speed is of the essence, be sure to respond as soon as you can with any paperwork. "


Exchange of Contracts

Exchange of contracts will occur when the following have been completed.

  • • All enquiries have been dealt with and confirmed
  • • Your solicitor has confirmed good title
  • • If applicable specific issues dealt with in any lease
  • • Searches are complete
  • • Fixtures & fittings are agreed if part of the sale
  • • Your mortgage offer is complete

Once both you & the buyer have signed the contract a deposit of (10% of the purchase price as a rule) is required and is transferred from your solicitor to the sellers solicitor.

The completion date is then agreed and set between both parties.

  " Ensure that your agent has confirmed the completion date in plenty of time to allow for the booking of removals. "


It's Completion day!

Completion is the day when you move and the house is yours! The balance of the monies (90%) will be transferred from your solicitor to the sellers solicitor.

Once received the sellers solicitor will call to confirm that all monies are received and the agent can release the keys.


  " Start the day early – ensure that your solicitor sends the balance of the monies as early as possible to allow you more time to move in on the day! "
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