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What’s your story?

Understand clearly the reason for moving and what you want or need to achieve from selling or moving home. There is plenty to consider and for most of us it will be the most important thing we do, so between us we need to be sure that we really understand what your plan is and what your dream home will look like.

  " Explore the market first, do some research visit or Rightmove as a starter "


An accurate valuation

Our aim is to sell your home at the best possible price in the prevailing market conditions in a time scale to suit your plan. As a leading local agent we have a huge amount of historic and recent sales data and our experienced valuers will take into consideration all of this information together with outstanding local knowledge of what can be achieved. We will always supply good solid reasons for our valuation advice, which is both honest and realistic. Please remember that our fee structure is such that the higher price we achieve, the greater our fee!

  " Ask the valuer to justify his/her valuation, they should have plenty of evidence. "


Choosing the best estate agent

You should then consider the agents ability to effectively reach the local, regional and national market, the presentation of your home, how available is your agent? At Webbers we can take calls until 8pm Mon- Fri. Is your chosen agent part of a redress scheme for your protection? You also need an agent that has smart and prominent High St. offices and finally check that the staff properly trained, after all they will be looking after your most important investment.

  " Selling a property requires team-work between you and your chosen agent, it is therefore important that you like & trust them, you’ll be speaking with them on a regular basis! "


Understand the cost of moving

The successful sale of your home will only happen if you have properly considered all the costs involved in moving. Agent & solicitor fees, stamp duty (where appropriate), mortgage fees (where appropriate), EPC cost and of course the move itself. At Webbers we will talk you through the cost of moving and we have professional contacts that can help in of the above areas, to ensure you have everything covered right from the start.

  "  If you instruct a solicitor at the point of going to the market it can save two weeks once a buyer is found! "


Presenting your home for sale

“First impressions count”. Making a good first impression is essential and it will help you to achieve a better price.  Start with the “pavement test”, what does the main entrance say? A newly painted or cleaned front door and entrance is a great place to start, if you can a couple of potted plants can do wonders. Once you’re inside it is worth attending to all of those small DIY jobs, touching up here and there and yes, it is worth de-cluttering to give a fresh, open and clean “feel” – especially in the kitchen & bathroom areas. By doing this it will actually help when you are ready to move , so it is time well spent! Gardens – many people live busy lives and therefore have little time for gardening, therefore ensure that it is tidy, grass and hedges cut and trimmed, paths clear and any sheds and garages as clear & tidy as possible.

  " Ask your agent to walk around with you and advise what work you MUST do and what would be “nice” to do. "


Preparing for viewings

Your house is now on the market and the most important date in the week is your first viewing. To begin with your agent should have discussed the “accompanied viewing” with you. As agents we are trained to sell properties, to use our sales skills to achieve the best result from the viewing and be there to answer any queries that your potential buyer may have. Clearly some vendor clients would rather accompany the viewing – which is fine, but your agent should give you guidance to help with this important part of the process. Be prepared for the viewing, put the lights on throughout, a quick clean and hoover, fresh flowers, it all helps to sell the lifestyle that you have enjoyed.  If you do have pets it is better if they are contained for the viewing, as some people may not be as confident around dogs and cats.

  " Think of the main reason you bought the house, what is it that you love about it? And simply tell them! "


Receiving an offer

Once your agent receives an offer they should inform you immediately by telephone or whatever your chosen method of communication may be. Your agent should also confirm the offer in writing the following day, this gives you time to properly consider the offer and to look at how this may affect your on-going purchase (where appropriate). Your agent should give all back-ground information on the proposed buyers including their ability to proceed and their financial position.

  " If the offer is a little lower than expected before you decline check if the owners of the property you are hoping to buy will reduce by the same amount. "


Sale agreed.

Once you have agreed a sale your agent should do the following:

Prepare and send a memorandum of sale to all parties, yourself, the buyers and both solicitors. The letters will confirm the agreed sale price together with any conditions inclusions or exclusions.

Your solicitor will then prepare and send out a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor, who will then carry out preliminary enquiries.

Your agents should then look to confirm a survey date for the buyer as soon as possible (If required)

Your agent should keep you regularly advised throughout the transaction

There are no legal obligations until contracts are exchanged

  " Always ensure that any negotiations with the buyer are dealt with by your agents, it is easy for relationships to break down, making the process far more difficult. "


Exchange of Contracts

Exchange of contracts will occur when the following have been completed.

     •  Preliminary enquiries following receipt of draft contract
     •  Evidence of good title
     •  If applicable, specific issues highlighted in any lease
     •  Local search completed and clear
     •  Any fixtures/fittings agreed if part of the sale
     •  Buyer has mortgage offer
     •  Your solicitor is comfortable that your on-going purchase is ready (if appropriate)

Once the contract is signed by both buyer and seller the deposit (10% of the purchase price as a rule) will be transferred or paid in the form of a bankers draft by the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor. The completion date is then agreed.

  " Ensure that your agent has checked and double checked that the completion date agreed is suitable to both parties well in advance. "


It’s Completion day!

Completion is the day when you move! The day when your solicitor receives the balance of the purchase price from the buyers solicitor (90%).

Your solicitor will call you to give you the good news and should call your chosen estate agent to inform them that keys can be released to the buyer.


  " Moving day can be fraught – be sure to book your removals in plenty of time and allow plenty of time for packing, you don’t want to be in the middle of moving after completion has taken place! "
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