Webbers take your well-being seriously


As a responsible company, Webbers Property Services Ltd (WPS) has reviewed all areas of our business to assess what measures we should take to minimise the risk of our clients, staff and any person visiting a WPS office contracting COVID-19.

We are very aware that we must continue to offer a professional service for our home-sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants, but we do so in the knowledge that with restrictions on movement and natural concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, there will almost certainly be an impact on our ability to perform as “normal” in some aspects of our service.

If you’re concerned about moving home, at Webbers we want to reassure you that we’re committed to continuing to help people move safely and responsibly.

That means that if you were preparing yourself to buy or sell this year, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t make that happen for you, whilst ensuring the health and well-being of you, our valued clients

We’ve listed the provisions we’ve implemented to make that happen and keep you safe. Below we set out our present policy as at 4th January 2021 following the most recent Government guidance.




  • We would request that you book an on-line “virtual viewing” prior to a physical viewing
  • You will be thoroughly screened to ensure we understand your ability and buying position/timescale/suitability as buyers/tenants
  • You must sign a CV-19 health declaration prior to any accompanied viewing
  • We request that you provide your own PPE and hand sanitiser
  • Only 2 persons from the same household can attend an accompanied viewing at one time
  • You will be asked not to touch any door handles, light switches or surfaces
  • You must observe the 2 metre social distancing guidelines
  • No literature (property details, application forms etc) can be passed to you – all information will be supplied electronically


  • At the point of booking a valuation, for your safety, we will assess if you are “at risk or vulnerable”
  • We will ask you to sign the CV-19 health declaration prior to any physical meeting
  • If you answer YES to any of the CV-19 questions and you are therefore seen as a  “at risk or vulnerable” we reserve the right to postpone the appointment and we will agree to call at a date in-line with the 2 week self-isolation guidelines
  • We may ask you to book a virtual valuation first
  • We will ensure that we use PPE and hand sanitiser/gloves prior to and during the physical valuation
  • We will ensure 2 metre social distancing guidelines throughout the valuation appointment
  • We will ask you (where possible) to open all doors, turn on lights where required in readiness for the appointment
  • If the appointment is an “Instruction” – you will be asked to prepare the house in readiness for internal photographs and virtual tour
  • We will avoid touching door/cupboard handles, light switches and surfaces

In branch and head office 

  • Our staff will wear a face mask when meeting customers, suppliers and receiving deliveries
  • We will ensure we sanitise hands before and after removing face masks
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