Helping buyers & sellers to relocate in the UK

As founding members of the Relocation Agent Network and The Guild Of Property Professionals Webbers are able to help both buyers and sellers buy and sell property across the UK, no matter where you currently live.

Sellers looking to relocate

Unique access to premium out of town buyers.

With connections in over 1200 estate agent offices across the UK, if you are thinking of selling your home, we can help achieve the best price for your home, even if it isn’t in the West Country. Why not contact our team today to find out more about selling with Webbers.

What the Relocation Agent Network does

We were fortunate to be selected as the No.1 estate agent in our region, to represent the relocation agent network, the largest relocation company in the world. The relocation agent network works hard to help homebuyers and sellers with a smooth relocation. Being a part of the network enables us to move our clients anywhere they want.

What the Guild of Property Professionals does

Webbers are the founding members of the Guild of Property Professionals, a premium service offered to out of town buyers looking to invest. Along with many other perks, using our guaranteed service will ensure your home features in well-established property magazines with the chance to feature in our interactive online magazine which is sent to over 40,000 people!


Buyers looking to relocate

We’ll find you a home anywhere in the UK

As founding members of the Relocation Agent Network and The Guild Of Property Professionals, two organisations that connect estate agents from around the country, we can help you find you a suitable home. The relocation network works by connecting to a great variety of other estate agents, across the country, so if you’re relocating outside of the West Country, we can help.


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