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Finding your new home

Do your homework – research areas, schools, transport links and anything else that is a priority for you.  Make sure that you have an affordable budget, and then make contact with your local letting and estate agents.  Make sure that your agent is qualified, registered with a deposit and redress scheme, and is someone you can trust and work with.

The reality is that demand for rental property outstrips supply, so a good, friendly relationship with a professional letting agent will help you find your perfect home quicker! 

2nd viewings count!

A second property viewing is always great opportunity to make sure that your 100% happy with what will become your new home – and to make sure that your sofa will fit!

Consider all the costs

As well as your rent, which is normally paid monthly, its likely that you will also be liable for utility bills and the cost of insuring your own possessions. 

At the start of your tenancy you’ll also have to pay a deposit and any agency fees.

Your will find likely energy costs on the Energy Performance Certificate, which should be presented to you by your agent/landlord before you sign your tenancy agreement.

Deposit protection

All tenants pay a deposit as security against any breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement. 

It is a legal requirement that your deposit is registered with an approved Deposit Protection Scheme.  Make sure that you are aware which scheme your deposit will be registered with.  At Webbers, we use TDS.

Understand your Tenancy Agreement

A good, clear tenancy agreement will explain your obligations and those of your landlord – and be free of legal jargon so its easy to understand.  It will also clearly show your rent, and the length of the Agreement (normally, for an initial period of 6 months – but this can vary!)

If you are unsure of anything within the tenancy speak to the Agent or take legal advise before signing your contract. 

Accurate Inventory & Schedule of Condition

The inventory is a record of the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy.  Therefore it needs to not only list each item – from door stoppers to shower cubicles – but also describe the condition in detail. 

An inventory is not a legal requirement and the quality of the information it contains will vary from agent to agent (of course, ours are first class!)

Make sure that when you receive your Inventory it is accurate.  If necessary, make amendments and additions, and take extra photographs. If you agree to something that contains mistakes or omissions it could be costly for you at the end of your tenancy.

Report Repairs Promptly

At Webbers, much like other agents, we rely on external contractors, so to ensure that repairs are carried out quickly and with minimum inconvenience to you any concerns need to be promptly reported to us. 

For your reassurance, all our contractors are qualified and insured.

Condensation & Mould

A common problem found in properties of all ages.  But in most cases the unsightly mould is not a consequence of rising or penetrating damp – its due to moisture within the atmosphere condensing on cold surfaces, allowing the mould to take hold. 

Therefore its nearly always found on cold, external walls and behind furniture.  You can treat it using mould sprays, and prevent it from reoccurring by ensuring adequate ventilation and heating.  Avoid drying clothes indoors too – that moisture has to go somewhere!  More advice can be found here

Serving Notice

Be mindful that you are committed to the length of your tenancy, and normally this is for an initial period of 6 months.  If you wish to vacate, you will need to serve notice in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement.  This will often be required in writing and by a certain date within your tenancy.  If you miss a key date, and serve your notice late, you could be liable for more rent.

Get your deposit back

Deposits should be refunded promptly and in full – provided the property and gardens have been left in good condition.  Don’t leave things to the last minute.  If an agent has to organise cleaners or any other contractor it can quickly become expensive for you, so plan ahead and if your not sure always speak to your agent for advice before you vacate.

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