What is my home really worth?

We have seen a remarkable change in the market conditions over the last twelve months.

Two figures that demonstrate this well are our viewings for February 2016 which were 65% up on February 2015. To top this, our sales in February 2016 were a whopping 125% up on last February!

These figures demonstrate the high level of demand for property and an environment where prices will inevitably be rising.

With the vast amount of on-line data now available you could be forgiven for thinking you don't need a professional agent's valuation. However, if you ask Webbers to appraise your home we will value it for free and we will always have the most up-to-date picture of the market. With the market changing monthly and even weekly with demand, factors such as school holidays, mortgage availability, government tax changes and even weather and sporting events, we will always have our finger on the most accurate and current information as it happens. This will beat the on-line data hands down, which is at least three months old when published. In this fast paced environment, that could make all the difference to your home's true value.

Please contact the office and we will be happy to help 01823 322666

Edward Thorne Manager