Webbers Estate Agents pride themselves on their service for clients but for Charlie the cat they went the extra mile. 

Webbers were selling the home of Stephen and Jackie Matthews who had plans to move away from the area and they had concerns for their cat, Charlie, a much loved pet.  As Charlie was 15 years old and had lived at the property for all that time they were worried that he would find it hard to settle into a new home or even if he could find one as, at 15 years old, he was a cat ‘of a certain age’. 

However, Charlie had the staff at Webbers championing his cause!  The Edwards family came to view the property and were keen to purchase the house as their new home. During discussions Webbers agent, Clair Bennett, introduced Charlie to Mr and Mrs Edwards and their daughter, Evie. Charlie liked to accompany the viewings of his home to vet potential buyers and Clair mentioned that he was in need of a new family. Luckily for Charlie, the Edwards family not only wanted to buy the house in Mountfields Avenue, Taunton, but also were happy for Charlie to stay put! So a few months later Mr and Mrs Matthews are on their new adventures safe in the knowledge that Charlie’s life has continued as before in his familiar surroundings with a whole new family.

Mr Matthews, Charlie’s previous owner said, "When we decided to move house we knew leaving our home of 23 years would be difficult but it turned out that leaving Charlie was much harder. So we are so grateful to the staff at Webbers for their help and especially grateful to the new owners for accepting him as part of their family. We can never thank them enough."

Charlie, in the meantime, has been busy making great friends with 8 year old Evie and getting to know the Edwards’ dog Sweep.

“After a bit of a Mexican standoff in the first few days, Charlie and Sweep are now getting on fine” said new owner Mr Edwards. “Mind you, there is no doubt that Charlie is boss. In fact Sweep is a bit scared of the cat. Charlie spends a lot of his time keeping Evie company in her bedroom and they’ve already become firm friends. We were pleased to take Charlie on and have a new member of the family to share a purr-fect Christmas with!”

Ed Thorne is the manager of Webbers in Taunton and said “We are delighted to have been involved with finding a solution for Charlie for the Matthews. Charlie was a regular topic of conversation in the office and we had a couple of offers of a new home in mind but everyone is delighted that he has been able to stay with the Edwards’ in his old home. Webbers Estate Agents are proud to make promises about our services to vendors and buyers alike. We guarantee a truly personal and professional service and we are more than happy that we were able to extend this service to Charlie and that he has happily settled with his new family in time for Xmas.”