How Renovating Your Bathroom Can Add Value to Your The Westcountry Home

by Karlie Baker-Kidwell


22nd February 2021


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A kitchen with the ‘wow’ factor can sell a property. But what about your bathroom?

Can renovating your bathroom help sell your home? It’s probably fair to say that if your bathroom is rocking an avocado or peach suite against a backdrop of lurid pink tiles, then it’s pretty out-dated and, unfortunately, if you are selling your home in The Westcountry, this can stop potential buyers in their tracks.

Most of us like a modern touch within our homes – after all this is the 21st century – and it’s nice to feel like you are actually living in the correct century, so even if you are not looking to sell your property in The Westcountry, but are perhaps in the process of purchasing a new home, renovating your bathroom will allow you to get creative and achieve a fresh new look.

Here are four major benefits a bathroom remodel can offer:

You will see an increase in the value of your home

Even a small remodel such as replacing the suite and adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls will add value to your property. The majority of properties that undergo renovations in important areas such as the bathroom (or kitchen) end up seeing an increase in value as it improves the appearance and appeal of your home overall.

You will save money

If you are renovating due to the need to replace damaged, faulty or old bathroom furniture such as a leaking toilet, rusty radiator or inefficient boiler then you will save money by replacing these with more energy-efficient solutions.

You will feel more relaxed

Renovating your bathroom will not only benefit your home. Your bathroom will become your oasis of calm. If you are used to attempting to chill out in an unattractive, messy, old-fashioned bathroom in various shades of pastel, imagine how it will feel to unwind in a brand new warm and modern space decorated in soothing colours designed to help you fully relax. Your new bathroom can give you that experience.

You will reduce clutter

A lack of storage invites clutter, so your renovation should involve incorporating plenty of storage solutions. A tidy bathroom is a tidy mind!

If you’re planning to sell your home in North Devon, Cornwall or Somerset soon, remember that buyers will always appreciate an updated and clean bathroom and you may end up achieving a higher offer for your property too!

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