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At Webbers, we boast a century-long legacy of thriving property sales through public and online auctions—an approach that remains particularly advantageous for specific property categories. 

Our expertise extends to both buyers and sellers, and we're readily available to provide guidance on any auction-related enquiries. 


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Explore the realm of property auctions with ease by downloading our informative guide. Gain valuable insights, tips, and essential information to navigate the auction process effortlessly. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-timer, our guide is designed to enhance your understanding and boost your success in property auctions. 

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Sell by auction for maximum exposure and flexibility

A fast, certain and transparent way of buying and selling property.

The modern method of sale 

Our online auction technology is powered by Bamboo Auctions so you can sell your properties by auction, with maximum exposure and flexibility. There are two different auction methods. Properties can sell either through a traditional auction or a conditional  auction and we will recommend which method is right for you. 

Meet the Webbers team

Get to know our Webbers team, spread across our offices in North Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall. They offer valuable local insights for each area and will help with your property search

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