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Bude, situated on Cornwall's rugged North Atlantic coast, is a seaside town renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant atmosphere. Known for its golden sandy beaches, such as Summerleaze and Crooklets, Bude attracts surf enthusiasts and sun-seekers alike. The iconic Bude Sea Pool, a semi-natural tidal pool, adds to the town's unique charm.


The South West Coast Path offers breathtaking cliff-top walks with panoramic views of the Atlantic. In the town center, independent shops, charming cafes, and historic landmarks like Bude Castle create a welcoming ambiance. With its blend of natural beauty and cultural offerings, Bude stands as a captivating destination for those seeking coastal tranquility and adventure.

Bude, Cornwall, offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring a delightful experience for visitors. Embrace the stunning coastline with a visit to Summerleaze and Crooklets Beach, ideal for both sunbathing and surfing. The iconic Bude Sea Pool, a tidal swimming pool perched on the rocks, provides a unique aquatic experience.

Nature enthusiasts can explore the dramatic cliffs and breath-taking scenery along the South West Coast Path, offering exhilarating walks and capturing panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. For family-friendly fun, The Big Blue Surf School provides expert guidance for surfing adventures.

Immerse yourself in Bude's rich history with a visit to Bude Castle, housing a heritage center and art gallery. The town centre offers eclectic shops, charming cafes, and local markets, perfect for leisurely strolls. 

For a touch of adventure, try kayaking along the Bude Canal or partake in coasteering activities along the rugged cliffs. The Rebel Cinema provides an option for a cosy night out, and events like the Bude Jazz Festival add a cultural flair to the town.


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Nestled in Cornwall, Bude beckons prospective residents with a diverse culinary scene tailored to various tastes. Immerse yourself in coastal charm at a renowned beachfront restaurant celebrated for its seafood and panoramic views. Experience an exquisite fine dining option featuring a menu crafted from locally sourced ingredients in a welcoming atmosphere.

For a touch of Italy, there's a popular choice serving wood-fired pizzas and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Traditional pub fare seamlessly combines with breathtaking Atlantic views at another establishment. Adding a Mediterranean twist, a dining spot highlights dishes crafted with fresh, local produce.

Should you prefer a cozy café ambiance, there's an ideal spot for artisan coffee, homemade cakes, and light lunches. Bude's dynamic street food scene, showcased in various food festivals and markets, reflects the region's culinary diversity.


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Bude, while not directly served by a railway station, boasts excellent road connectivity and public transport options. The A39 Atlantic Highway provides a vital link, connecting Bude to major towns in Cornwall and beyond. Bus services, such as those operated by Stagecoach, offer convenient travel within Bude and connections to nearby towns like Holsworthy and Launceston.

For those relying on rail travel, the closest railway station is located in Exeter, approximately 50 miles away, accessible by bus or car. Bude's accessibility by road makes it an ideal destination for travelers seeking the freedom to explore Cornwall's scenic landscapes. The town also promotes eco-friendly transportation with cycling routes and walking paths, encouraging sustainable and enjoyable ways to explore the coastal beauty and charming attractions of this picturesque Cornwall destination.

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