Landlords – make sure your investment is ready for the worsening weather.
Autumn has arrived and with it Hurricane Lorenzo saw strong winds and heavy rainfall.  Lawrence Williams, Rental Manager for Webbers gives some helpful – and timely – seasonal advice to help protect your property.


  1. Check and clear out gutters and downpipes making sure they are not blocked or cracked


  1. Check where possible the roof for signs of slipped tiles or internal leaks


  1. Make sure any exposed pipes are sufficiently lagged and your tenants know where the water stop cock is.


  1. Remind tenants of the need to adequately ventilate and heat their home to avoid condensation and mould


  1. Nearby trees – are there any trees that look like they could fall and cause damage?


We are always happy to discuss any property related matter; if you are a landlord or are looking to invest then please come and see us at our local Webbers office.